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Beer to brew with Dead Ringer?

I’m about 4 days into a Dead Ringer IPA primary fermentation in my freezer at 65. Since I have at least another 3 1/2 weeks before its kegged, I figured why not make another beer (since I have the room in my freezer)? So, what would be a good beer to compliment my Dead Ringer IPA, but that can also nicely ferment at 65? Suggestions welcome!

Beer here!
P1-Dead Ringer IPA

Not every day you’re pairing beers. I like to have light, hoppy, and dark beers on hand. Depending on my mood, I’ll always have something to drink. The DR is one of the hoppy ones I really like. For light, I have been brewing a lot of the Innkeeper. I like-a my schwarzbiers for the dark style but they’re lagered so I’d go with the St. Paul porter. I’ve mixed the Innkeeper and Dead ringer before just to see what it’d taste like and it was pretty good.


Love the St. Paul Porter suggestion! I would use the dry yeast, as it seems to match up better with the temp. I was also thinking about doing a Hefe, but thought the temp may be a little too low?

My thoughts exactly on the Hefe.

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