Beer tastes like grain alcohol

Brewed private rye, let it sit for 2 weeks then bottled. Tried some after a week of bottle conditioning
and it tastes like grain alcohol. Undrinkable, will letting it sit help or should I dump it and start again?
I only used 1 package of wyeast, with a OG of 1.056.

At what temp did you ferment? Usually these “hot” alcohol flavors are caused by fusel alcohol. This is the result of fermenting too warm. Not only is that a problem it’s cyclical. Fermentation is exothermic (produces and gives off heat). So if you ferment too warm the yeast become more active and create more heat. As they create more heat the increased temps send them into overdrive creating more heat.

There are some really easy temp control solutions. If you have a fairly temp consistent room to place the fermenter something like a cheap swamp cooler will work. If the room is still too warm (such in my case) you’ll likely need a fermentation chamber. Google those two for ideas.

I ferment in my basement at 68 deg.

If that’s ambient that’s pretty warm. As I mentioned fermentation is exothermic so your actually fermenting at a more likely 73°-74° (and maybe higher). Recently I had a 1.054 beer go all the way up to 76° from an ambient 67°.

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Is there any hope of saving the batch?

It might age out. Could take awhile though. Look into those solutions. Nothing more discouraging than turning out a subpar batch. Use it as a learning experience and move forward.

Thanks for the info, time to brew again.

Didn’t mention your pitching temperature but with temperature control issues like your warm room try to pitch colder. The bottom end of your yeast range or just below. If you pitch it warm you will have a hard time getting if cooler.

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