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Beer Software Recipe Repository

I’ve finally started cataloging my custom recipes and also started using Beer Alchemy as brewing software. Is there a large online recipe repository somewhere? I wouldn’t mind sharing my recipes, and trying others’ as well.

I’ve been using the Brewers Friend recipe developer. The recipes can be kept private or made public with this software.

Brewers Friend here also. Great for sharing but mainly a place to store and pull up your own recipes and water profiles.

so I’ve seen the water profile stuff, is there a way to figure out your local profile with out getting your own equipment? I’ve seen my water department’s report, but I can’t understand that thing

Yes, Ward’s Lab does water analysis for homebrewers (and others) google them and follow instructions. It will involve sending a bottle of your tap water to them. Great service. As to understanding all that, I would start with the new 4th version of how to brew, by John Palmer. There are also some great introductory videos regarding water chemistry on you tube…

IMHO one of the best ways to learn about your water is the brunwater software. It seems complex and intimidating at first but if you read the water knowledge section (over and over, haha) you will begin to understand how the minerals in your water affect the final product.

I use Brewsmith2 for recipe development and logging and the above mentioned Brunwater for building/saving water profiles.

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As far as recipes those online repositories need to be taken with a grain of salt. Anyone can put up a recipe good or bad. It’s a good way to save and share recipes though. I use brewers friend also. I’ve used others they all basically do the same thing just what you get comfortable.

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