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Beer smells like bananas

Brewing a Oktoberfest after 3 weeks in the secondary fermentor we tasted the beer and it had a strong smell of banana. we tried it before putting it in the secondary and it tasted fine. we went ahead and put it in a keg added priming sugar and purged the keg it is now going to Lager for 2weeks or so. What caused the banana smell.

The banana flavor can be a characteristic of certain yeasts, high fermentation temperature for the yeast, under pitching the yeast, or lightly aerated wort. Also a combination of any of these potential problem areas. Good thing is banana esters tend to fade with time. Give the beer a long lagering period.

Was the recipe all grain or extract?
Do you think one of the main causes for the banana ester was involved?

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all grain receipe

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