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Beer serving faucets

Hi gang. I’m looking for some recommendations on faucets. I’m building a keezer and will need several faucets. I remember reading about the differences a while back (forward sealing vs. not??) Any recommendations please? Thanks!

Perlics are top of the line. I just have standard faucets and they work fine. It’s really up to you and your budget. The good thing is they are easy to change out.

Interesting faucet review here with some added perks…

They look very nice. The spring addition could have saved me some beer a couple of times. That said I have three older Perlicks that still work just fine.
EDIT: I just took a look at the new Perlick and see the $40 model does not have a removable spout. The Intertap at $60 is really nice looking.

Perlick no longer has the removable spout. Intertap are cheaper (IIRC). I would have no hesitation guving Intertap a shot. I have three perlick SS630.

Even picnic taps worked fine… Until I had more cash to upgrade… Perlick ss630… Sneezles61

Williams brewing just put up a sale on their intertap faucets. Nice deal grabbed a couple myself. Maybe NB will follow

Good find! A friend is looking… Sneezles61

I have a couple of the perlicks with the flow control levers. I like them but have never tried anything else to compare to. Wishing I got the three tap tower on my kegerator instead of the two…

Hole saw… some pipe wrenches, a few cuss words… oh yeah … pints of home brew… anything is possible! Sneezles61

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