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Beer server

So driving to work, I had a huge brain fart. The company I work for remodeled some convenience stores last winter, and I saw how the new fangled soda machines work. Well, then if they can do that soda why not beer? Get a plastic bag full of LME, pump that into the mixing machine with the soda water, add some vodka, and give it a shot of hop oil. All trying to keep it simple of course. I could see someone doing this and then being able to bypass the whole brewing process! Will this git me deleted from here?:fearful: Sneezles61

Such a vending machine would be cheaper to build, maintain, and replenish if it dispensed packets of recently attempted powdered beer. Just add water for a glass of quality machine brew.

The problem would be the CO2. It would have zero head due to the lack of dissolved CO2, just like regular soda fountains. But, likely coming our way…

I’ve not tried the soda from a machine. I see now they don’t use a CO2 tank, rather a motor and a centrifical pump of sorts, filter the water and the motor gizmo compresses it. I could see the big brews using this as they lack carbonation. I just can see it, yer at the airport, whistling past a machine that sez, beer, ( i use that vaugly in reference to… well MR and MRS Macro), toss in a ten spot, out comes something that resembles brew…. I really can see this…:disappointed: Sneezles61

The unfermented sugar in the extract would make it very sweet. Also fermentation give’s beer a lot of its flavor (even clean yeast).

hhhmmmm… Sneezles61

Oh I was thinking more towards how they operate with soda. Concentrated beer in bag that gets mixed with carbonated water… Just like when ya go thru any fast food restaurant, except the beer part.

Who would check ID

There’s scanners for that. The black strip on the back of your license holds all that info.

Oh good just need to borrow grandmas license

OK, when I first read this thread a few days ago, I thought it was completely in jest. But I am starting to think that I am wrong. Please tell me I am not wrong and that this original post was a made as a joke. The entire idea of this is just bad. It’s something that should never be considered.

I was just thinking… and it sure does sound plausible, swap whiskey or scotch instead of vodka. It wouldn’t take much LME to color or add texture. Adjust how much hop to go from balanced to IPA, whew… See, it COULD be possible, no kiddin’ Sneezles61

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