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Beer Scores

As a judge (Certified) and having judged at a range of competitions and also having entered many myself, I totally understand the efforts required to judge and send the information as well as the desire to know “now” how you did.

Each competition is organized a little differently. I’ve judged in Minnesota and now in Georgia. And each competition really is successful based on the number of volunteers to do the work at hand. My last time judging at the UMMO, they had an amazing set up with envelopes set up for each entrant and as score sheets and the like are completed throughout the day the enevelops are set up and mailed the next day. That’s probably the most organized competition I’ve seen of the ones I’ve judged at, and they are to be applauded for taking speed of feedback so seriously. Other competitions are just plain short on volunteers. And as a result it takes longer to get information back to folks as someone has to sit, sort and package everything. And there are lots in between.

Kudos for entering competitions! But at the same time if you have competitions near where you live, sign up to volunteer and help. You don’t have to be a judge to volunteer, people are needed to do all sorts of things from stewarding to cellar. The more volunteers the smoother the competition can potentially run (provided it’s organized well to begin with).


I am planning on stewarding in May at a competition that is pretty close. I do have aspirations to be a BJCP Judge someday, so I am taking baby steps and from what I heard the best learning experience is to first start as a steward to get a feel of how a competition goes and then get into judging.

When does feedback come out for AHA first round? I think Minn. judging is this weekend, but all regions are not done until early may. When will they send sheets - anyone know?

Three weeks later, I have finally got my results!


Well, I had already knew what I had for scores since they were online. I was actually more interested in feedback. Some was helpful some was not. On one of my entries, the two score sheets I got the two judges were pretty much opposite on everything.

Amazing that prior to this thread I had recieved most score sheets withing 5-10 days.
FWIW I now been waiting for 5 weeks and counting for score sheets from one comp that I entered. I could see how newer brewers might be discouraged by that kind of waiting.

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