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Beer ready in 2 weeks?

Hello folks. I’ve been homebrewing on and off for about a year. My wife has invited more people than I thought for a graduation party. I have 4 gallons that will be kegged by May 12th, which WAS the plan.

If anyone knows of a beer that can be pleasantly drinkable in two weeks, I’d love to hear of it.

And I suppose force carbonating quickly by a high pressure briefly can be done.posting.php?mode=post&f=4#

After figuring our what I was doing wrong with the search engine, I got’em.

This is just me personally but if I were you I would keg the four gallons and buy some good store bought beer. I like to give everything at least a month.

The four gallons is just about done with secondary. It went from 1.053 to 1.018, I expect it to fall a few more thou. It will get a maturation of no fewer then 1.5 weeks. The description of the recipe is that it is good at birth, and improves for the next several weeks.

I believe I will just buy the remainder, and let the wheat sit for a month or so.

you could probably make a lower alcohol IPA that would be ready in 2 weeks. but you never know, let the beer tell you when its done, not the timeframe

i give all my beers 3 weeks in the primary, but many people do 2 weeks. good luck and happy brewin!


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