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Beer loss in pump lines

Hi everyone!

I’m new here and relatively new to home brewing. I brewed my first batch using my new counterflow chiller and pump. I was wondering what the best way is to collect the wort that is left in the lines and pump. For my set up it seems that I am losing close to a gallon of wort between the lines the chiller and pump. I tried to put some sanitizer in the boil tank and push the wort out but I was worried that I would get sanitizer in the wort so I didn’t run that much into it. My lines are about 6’ long and I could make those much shorter which I know would help but I am open for suggestions.



Do the math to calculate the amount in the pump and lines. I highly doubt it can be close to a gallon.
Volume = Area * length
Gallon = 128 cu-in.

not sure if homebrew pumps or chillers can handle a little co2 pressure, but you can push your lines through with c02 to collect the beer in the line.

if it’s pre-ferment, you could do it with o2

Good idea with the o2 or co2. I know that just blowing through the lines clears them but I didn’t do that for obvious reasons. Make up a quick connect and all set. Thanks for the tip!

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