Beer looses carbonation quickly

It may be my imagination, but it seems like my draft beer looses it’s carbonation too fast. I usually dispense at 10 psi and just let the kegs carb at that pressure. I can’t remember my line length and id but I replaced them with much longer ones that moderator Muller recommended. Anyone else have this? Thanks

There are a few variables, but line length does not affect the loss of carbonation once in the glass. Are you getting a proper pour to begin with?

When did this start? What changed recently?

I’m asking because some folks are not getting the beer carbonated properly in the first place. Are you sure it was fully carbonated? Do you have the ability to take a sample with a picnic tap to eliminate the system setup?

Retention of CO2 in solution is directly affected by the temperature of the beer. If your beer is warmer it will lose CO2 faster. Is your fridge at 36-38F ? If not, what temp.

Adding a “Muller length” beer line (guessing 8-10ft) would give a slower pour at even elevated pressures even if the temps are off a bit. I don’t think it is the lines, but I’d generally shoot for 12psi at 36F for normal styles.

More info would help, but the system must be balanced and the temps correct to start.

I’ll take a sample with a picnic tap. Really don’t know if it is carbed right in the first place. Thanks for your help.