Beer kits

I am going to be purchasing my first homebrewing kit. I was wondering how much beer you can brew with one kit. I can’t seem to find an amount that each one brews. If I buy a five gallon kit does it brew 5 gallons and if I get the 1 gallon kit does only make 1 gallon?

That is correct, sir. You will brew to the instructions and top up with water to hit either the 1 or 5 gallon mark. (It’s hard to predict how much evaporation you’ll get during the boil and most home stoves can’t boil a full 5 gallons anyway)

Thank you. What about when I want to get different beer recipes? They only seem to have one price,so would I have to buy more than 1 to make more than 1 gallon?

As a relative newb myself I’d advise you to get the 5 gallon kit if you can afford it. You seem to already be looking beyond the first brew with plans to continue. You’ll only get 9-10 beers out of 1 gallon, roughly 48 from 5 gals. I went right to the 5 gal kit with glass carboys because I wanted to invest in equipment that would last. I’ve jumped in with both feet and brewed 6 batches since Xmas. Of course I have 2 grown sons to help consume the beer. Just my 2 cents. This is just the first time this hobby will allow you to figure out what works for you.

There are different sizes/types of kits. I apologize if this sounds remedial, but just to make sure you understand:

A beer making or beer starter kit will give you most of the equipment that you need for a specific size batch. These will typically come in 1 gallon and 5 gallon batch sizes, ie; with carboy, jug, or bucket(s) that are appropriately sizes for the batch. The equipment can be reused for all future batches as long as it stays clean and functional.

A beer recipe kit does not come with equipment, only ingredients for brewing; grain, hops, yeast, extract, etc. These kits come in different sizes that you match to the equipment you have; typically available in 1 gallon or 5 gallon batches. Our host also sells 3 gallon kits that are appropriate for brewers that have 5 gallon equipment, but don’t have a boil kettle large enough for full boil BIAB.

So, to answer your question; when you buy your kit you can brew one batch at a time for that size. If you want more beer you buy another recipe kit, or formulate your own recipe from scratch.


… and +1 to Danny. If you think you’re going to enjoy this hobby, you should probably go ahead and get the 5 gallon kit now.