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Beer keg

Me use heineken kegs. For my kegging of the brew. Ok pain to take them apart first. But long live you tube. Reason do use them. No soda kegs here on island. Any one else do use them vs cornelius keg or soda kegs ? The secret here got them for free

I’ll bet a PITA to take apart after every use to clean… Sneezles61

In the begin a pain in the ass purch the keg by pussing the center down once done a plier set to unscrew the top. Once done push down the spring so it will unlock the security lever. Did machine special. Unlock push tool. So now done in three min

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A long time ago I used old fashion Hoff Stevens kegs for homebrew. They still had a wooden bung you could remove and pound in a new one. The bungs were still available but I was never sure the keg was clean enough since you couldn’t really get a good look inside like with a soda keg.

Never got an infection using them but they were such a PIA I went to ball lock kegs and never looked back.


I’ve got 2 of them in my shed, and it just bothers me that I can’t quite git to giving them to the scrap yard… Sneezles61

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Do like them once you know how to work with it. And you know can not bitch got seven for free

Post a picture I can’t visualize them. Might make some nice bar stools

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