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Beer judging glass

I’ve had some trouble at our beer club’s competitions, with pouring a beer to a get a good look and then share with the tasters/judges. I’d love to see a 16 ozglass with a little lip on it to pour. Currently we pour a little out of each 12 oz bottle into each of generally about 4 people judging. This is bound to kick up some sediment. We will start pouring the beer into one fresh glass, then redistribute it, I think. Is there a glass for this purpose?

It’s called a “pitcher”.

That’s a possibility, though a rather expensive one I wager

Quote"It’s called a "pitcher"Quote. I wish there was a “like” Button. that is classic! thank’s!

$3 ... rt=&page=2

Most big box stores, walmart/shopko/kmart, should have a 1 quart measuring cup with pour spout available. ... ./14930546

If you have a resturant supply store near by, they may have something with out the marking on it.

Wouldn’t you lose a significant amount of carbonation doing a double pour?

If you have the 4 glasses ready and one person pours 1-2 oz into each glass without tilting up the bottle, you should be able to get good pours.

nice one denny

I drag a 24oz plastic juice container ($3) with me to tastings, it lets me pour a full beer with one pour and when my carbonation is high I can let it settle before repouring. I don’t think a second pour results in a lot less carbonation. You wouldn’t want to do this at a BJCP contest because you need to save the rest of the beer for mini-BOS. When I do mini-BOS I generally discount/ignore the cloudiness of the beer since it has likely been stirred up if it were bottle conditioned.

Tom, that’s just too simple and pragmatic! Can’t you come up wiht something more complicated that involves spending money? :mrgreen:

Well, that is what we are currently doing, gently pouring each judge a few ounces. We do a preliminary judging for each of two or three styles, and then a different group of judges does a best of show with remaining beer. Generally it helps to have more than one bottle. I do think the judging has been a little unfair in skewing to those who bring a growler in from their home kegging system, because it won’t be cloudy and won’t have sediment. We could disallow that, but so far these contests are mostly fun. I was just seeing what others are doing. I do like the idea of 500 ml glass beakers. I’m finding them for under 3 bucks per beaker. We sometimes have many entries though, especially when we’re judging IPA, for example

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