Beer in Tel Aviv

Traveling to Tel Aviv next week. Anybody have any ideas about what beer to look for there and where to get it?

Only local beer I remember having is gold star. Its everywhere. Its okay but nothing to write home about. Israel isn’t really known for their beer. Israeli wines on the other hand are quite good.

Try Dancing Camel Pub and Tel Aviv Brewhouse. Craft beer is fairly new in Israel so the selection is limited. Let us know your impressions of their brews.

If I were you I would look toward their stouts, belgians (the one I had was a blond), and lagers. My girlfriend brought some back from Israel for me, and they were all great examples of their respective styles. They do appreciate good brew, but you’re going to be hard pressed to find a pale ale let alone an IPA. Just ask around, man, everyone’s more than happy to be hospitable about it.