Beer in keg

question got three kegs still not empty and hooked on to the beer tap but one keg ready and carbonated how long will a brew stay good in a beer keg? it does stand in the beer fridge nice and cold

I think you’ll find that as you pull a pint here and there, you’ll git a couple of months, and when a bout half way through it, seems then it takes on a better, mature taste… Sneezles61

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You can take it out and store it just like a bottle of beer it won’t go bad unless the keg leaks out the co2 and then it will go flat. Many times I pull half empty kegs off line.

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I honestly have had beer last fine in a keg for over a year. Some of my stronger and darker beers actually tasted better. Some things do get better with age. I have yet to find a beer I can make go bad by keeping it around too long.

I have yet to find a beer that I can keep around long enough to go bad.