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Beer in fermentor too long?

I set up a batch of porter awhile back, but then there was a massive family crisis and now the beer has been in the secondary fermentor for 4 weeks tomorrow. Is it still ok to bottle? or not safe at this point?

I don’t think you have anything to worry about as long as it looks good. Meaning no white, oily, and bubbly layer on top. Should still be sufficient yeast in suspension to carbonate the bottles if the porter is less than 14% ABV.

I would still check the SG to compare with the SG sample before racking to the secondary.

I’ll go ahead and check that later this evening, thank you! It looks good (smells amazing) so I’ll go ahead and get it bottled up and give it a go!

Sounds like it was already in secondary. As @flars said, if there’s no oily, or white, or otherwise moldy looking substance go ahead and bottle.

Not only is it fine it’s probably awesome. Porters should be aged they only get better.


My kegged Porter from January just kicked this week. It, as brew cat said, was at its best, mellow, melded flavors at the end.

Doesn’t look like a way to get a picture uploaded here… but there’s a small bit of crud around parts of the top edge that are worrying me.

You on your phone?

Can be, is there a way from there?

The crud ring is normal. Just yeast and hop debris. You should see it with every beer near the end of fermentation.

OK, I’m going to stop panicking and go ahead and bottle it, abv is right, it smells phenomenally good, so here’s a leap of faith!

Check the SG even if you are going to bottling. good to have in your notes when you brew the same one later on.

On my mobile version once you hit reply you should see upload in the bottom right of the reply box… from there you can attach.

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