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Beer in a Bag Nonsense?

Interesting. Not sure how to take this… friend or foe?

I saw this on the local news over the weekend. It cannot possibly be good.

Might be better than BMC!

So he couldn’t figure out a way to keep a bomber cold in his backpack? :shock:

Threee words: Insulated stainless growler.

So this was discussed on another forum. Thought I would try to track some down to give it a try, can’t say it sucks until you know for sure right? They sell all their products through Sporting Good stores, so how do these stores sell alcohol? They don’t have a licenses. In the end, none of the stores on their site I checked carried this product just the soda.

So the carbonator bottle seems cool. Sort of like a portable soda stream machine. I don’t have a soda stream, but I hear when they work the soda is tasty. This thing uses some sort of powdered “activator” rather than a CO2 cartridge. If that’s something like ground alkaseltzer, then it has the potential to be pretty gross. Still, it could be OK.

Whether you can make a tasty concentrated beer is the next question. Call me incredulous.

And whatever you carbonate, soda or “hybrid technology beer” it’s going to be canteen temperature. Or maybe stream water temperature, if you are hiking near a potable river/stream.

If I wanted to get sh**faced in the woods, I’d pack a flask of vodka and some MIO.

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