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Beer has soda pop like fizz

My beer has soda pop type fizz and zero head. I’ve brewed 4 different 1 gallon kits from northern Brewer and all seem to have this issue. All the kits come with fermenter fizz drops. My beers taste pretty good, but what would cause this? is it the fizz drops?


What temp are you serving them at? Try warming them up to the mid to high 40’s and then pouring it a little more aggressively.

How long are they bottle conditioning?

Are you fermenting warmer than about 68 F? Try fermenting cooler in the low to mid 60s. Fusel alcohols are formed at higher temperatures that can mess up your carbonation, not to mention give you headaches.

I had the same problem.I tried to make a cranberry beer once and foamed like crazy when opened but kind of tasted like a fizzy soda when drinking and the head evaporated. I think there was a little to much sugar when bottled so the fizz drops may be your problem as well. I use one fizz drop in a 1 liter bottle and it carbs fine. I put them away for a couple months to see if they would equalize. I’ll try one tonight and let you know.

Still fizzy. To bad though, it tastes pretty good but the carbonation is off. I think I will try blending it with another beer.

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