Beer gun opinions? Anyone?

I have an ancient counter-pressure bottle filler that I’ve had for a good 15 yrs. Works pretty well, but it’s really a pain to hook up with my current kegging set-up. I have to steal a gas line from another keg, then take off the connecter to get the filler hooked up. PITA. I’d like to bottle more of my kegged beer to lay back and give to friends, but the complexity of this dang filler is the limiting step.

Anybody got any advice on something simpler? The Blitchman thing sounds easier, but I’d like some input before I invest. Thanks.

I’ve only used the beer gun and never a counterpressure, so I don’t have much of a comparison, but I will give some thoughts on the beer gun.

I have a bit of a weird set up. I don’t have a dedicated serving fridge, but I like to have the kegging option if I’m not brewing for awhile and can use my ferm fridge for a serving fridge (with a picnic line), turn a beer around quickly, or have a keg at a party. So the beer gun was a good option for me so I could keg, carb, and bottle, then store that way.

-Its basically about a 2 hour process from setup/santization to being cleaned up with beers bottled.

-getting bottles cold and purged with CO2 is key (and easy with the beer gun)

-I still seem to lose some carb with it, but the beer is still good (figure you maybe go from 2.5 volumes to 2.0 at worst)

This guy did a side-by-side comparison, which is probably infinitely more useful to you than my ramblings.