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Beer gun bottling sours

Any Blichmann Beer Gun owners out there who use it to bottle sour beers? I’m planning to get one soon and want to force carb a Brett B beer and use the gun to bottle. I’m not that worried about cleaning the gun, but wondering how anyone handles cleaning the liquid line, or do you use a dedicated line for sours? I think sometimes the separation can be a little over stressed, but don’t want to Brett everything that goes through afterwards.

I have a new Beergun but haven’t used it for sours. I am going to though, I’ve been successful sanitizing plastic hose.

Glad to hear it. I thought for sure I’d get a lot of responses saying DON’T DO IT! I am in complete agreement that care and caution are good recommendations when dealing with sour beers in the brewery. But I think it can reach a level of paranoia IMHO. What method do you usually use to sanitize hose?

For my autosiphons I pump PBW solution through them and let the sit, then rinse and sanitize with Starsan.

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