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Beer going bad in a keg?

I have some kits that I could do tomorrow but I’m leaving for 2½―3 months in mid April. So I’m wondering
if I make them will they’ll be alright in a fridge at 45° after I keg them til I get back so I don’t have to wait
weeks after I get back. I have a B. Hefeweizen, Cream Ale, and a Break. Stout. What do you think?

Oh yeah … They’ll be good. I have found that the vast majority of my beers taste their best in the 10-14 week range. Other than maybe ones I dry hop.

Same issues you would have if you bottled them.

Mind your p’s and q’s with sanitation just like any other batch.

Thanks guys, that’s what I was thinking but thought I had read something about it only keeping
a few months. It’ll be nice to know I’ve got some beer waiting for me when I get back from England.

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