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Beer Geek Breakfast Stout Clone?

I found a recipe supposedly for Beer Geek Breakfast Stout by Mikkel Bjergsø & Kristian Keller.

The recipe however does not have any coffee in it as the real BGBS does.

Whaddaya think about the receipe? ... 20klon.pdf

The page referencing the recipe states the following:

The kit contains detailed recipe, malt and hops to approx. 25 liter. 25 liters. The recipe requires knowledge of allgrain-brewing. Besides this, use: Whitelabs WLP001 California ale Brewer’s yeast.
NOTE: This malt is NOT rolled

Kit for cloning the ultimate breakfast “Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast” with permission from Mikkeller.

Style: Oatmeal stout
Brewer: Mikkel Bjergsø & Kristian Keller
Volume: 25 liters
OG: 1073
FG: 1016
Alcohol: 7.5 % by vol.
Colour: 123 EBC (Black)
Bitterness: 116 IBU
BU/GU: 1.58

Pilsner Malt 3 EBC 4500 grammes
Flaked Oats 5 EBC 2000 grammes
Cara Munich 90 EBC 500 grammes
Smoked Malt 6 EBC 500 grammes
Chocolate Malt 500 EBC 500 grammes
Chocolate Malt 940 EBC 500 grammes
Roasted Barley 1150 EBC 500 grammes

Mash schedule
67/68 degrees for 75 minutes

Centennial 10% alpha 50 grammes 60 minutes
Cascade 5.7% alpha 50 grammes 60 minutes
Cascade 5.7% alpha 50 grammes 15 minutes
Centennial 10% alpha 50 grammes 5 minutes

Yeast: 1056 American Ale / WLP001

It contains all the right ingredients (according to the Mikkeller site) except the coffee. Why not brew it as-is, then make some cold-press coffee and add a little to a tasting glass until you find the right ratio and step it up for the rest of the beer, either in the fermenter a couple days before bottling or directly to the keg?

Here’s the BGBS page: ... =43&land=1

I wonder why the recipe omits the coffee piece? It is the “breakfast” part of the stout, right?

Whoever wrote the recipe either missed the coffee when they read the site or didn’t know how to handle coffee in beer - either way it makes it suspect as a clone, but it’s a starting point that you can brew and adjust over a couple iterations.

For a 5 gallon batch, how much, and what kind, of coffee do you suggest?

A hardcore expresso or … ?

Have you see a clone of this awesome beer elsewhere?

I emailed the brewery, asking for a homebrew recipe. Fingers crossed!

email Mikkel. He’s very generous with his recipes.

I have emailed several times - zero response.

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