Beer foam

I would have if I didn’t have temporary brain lock.

No problem LOL

The first batch I made was all foam no beer when opened pretty much undrinkable. I have stepped up to 5 gallon batches now just trying to get sugar ratio right this time

This is from my Feb 2 reply to a forum User as a replacement for fizz or carbonation drops referenced as missing by @brewman:

"You might be better off to use sugar cubes for carbonation instead of the Fizz drops. Domino has sugar cube “Dots”. A one pound package contains 198 cubes or Dots. This would be equal to 2.29 grams. According to NB’s carbonation calculator one bottle of beer at 68°F would need 2.27 grams of sugar for 2.6 volumes of CO2.

Check my math if you may want to go this route."

A safe way to add priming sugar, but not adjustable for different styles of beer. I prefer my stouts at about 2.0 volumes of CO2 so I still use varying amounts of sugar dissolved in water.

I have some carapols I bought by mistake don’t use it anymore. I started using the wheat when I started doing lagers. I don’t use any crystal in most of my lagers and have good head retention so I attribute it to the wheat although it may just be my technique

think more carbonation time you do need
me keg my beer and wait ten days before i drink
carbonation time 3 days at 20 psi and seven at 12 psi
it does give me nice carbonation and a nice foam
me happy with the end result

I put a pound of wheat in my doppel bock and still can’t see through the glass. I did just hit it with gelatin… I know by this W/E… I assume wheat likes to also add to the haziness, or shall I call it cloudiness Sneezles61

I use a lb wheat malt in my pilsner and can read print through it . I never use gelatin and my beers always clear. Same with my bocks. I strain and cold crash and min 3 week lager.

Mine has been in the cold garage and now the fridge so its had its cold time… I’ll think my boil must not had been too vigorous. I’ll pull a couple of pints this W/E to see how well the gelatin did… Sneezles61

Wanted to update this. Was at the brewery tap room yesterday and talking with the owner about there foam on the beer he makes. The secret is they add about 10% nitrogen to all there beers when carbing.