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Beer Filtration questions

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone of you have had experience using beer filter? I changed my parents RO water filtration system that had 3 of those 10" cartridge types filters. I realized that hey if i cleaned these out, sanitize, and bought new filters I could use them for filtering my beer.

  1. There isn’t anything wrong with reusing the filter housing that i helped my parents change? I plan to buy new filters at HD or L’s perhaps a 3 micron course filter then a 1 micron.
  2. Can you filter any type of beer? I plan to filter stouts.
  3. If you plan to filter more then one batch of beer do you have to rinse the cartridge/housing and sanitize before using it for the second batch?
    4.When you filter your beer, how do you clean and store your filter? I can’t imagine a filter still being viable for too long after you use it to filter beer.
    Sorry not sure if this belonged in general section of draft section.

Time and temp are your best filter. Filtering with those cartridge filters is a PITA. Save filtering for your brewing water. Use a carbon filter for chlorine.

Even if it is PITA I would still like to know and try. Any body have the any experience with beer filtration?

Yes I do.

Your 10" by 2.5" canister housing is good to filter about 15 to 20 gallons of beer. 1 micron is your final filter. You can buy disposable filter cartrages here at northern brewer. They would be for one time use. You can buy reusable cartrages at Foxx equipment or GW Kent that are reusable (and washable).

Disposable cartrage is going to be from $3 to $5. Reusable cartrage is going to be from $25 to $30.
You would wash your cartrage in PBW. Before use rinse it with water and then soak it in StarSan. You can store cartrages dry (Just let them air dry) or wet (submerged in StarSan).

  1. Nothing wrong with reusing filter housing (it should be clean obviously).
    You will have hard time finding sediment cartrages (non carbon) in HD or L’s


  1. No you can go from one beer to next beer. There is about 22 oz of beer in your housing. If you do not want to mix beers just open housing, pour first beer out of housing, put it back together and filter second beer.

  2. I answered this above.

Good Luck

Thank you thirsty monk this was exactly the information i needed.

Glad to be a help.

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