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Beer Filtration Question - Housing Leaks

So I purchased the following filtration equipment, its the 10" beer filtration kit: ... eview-form

The Lid attaches to the body without any sort of o-ring. When i transfered from one keg to another i gave it a decent amount of pressure but nothing out of control. Once the housing filled up, the sanitation water came right up through the threads of the lid and started leaking out the top everywhere. Lucky for me, it was not the beer. I had to turn it down and find an exact happy medium where it was able to push the liquid out of the top but not have it sqeeze out through the threads.

Has anyone experienced this? Is mine faulty or was it suppose to come with an O-ring? Or do you really have to be that careful about the pressure you are using everytime you use this thing ?

Those filter housings are meant for water filtering and can easily handle 60+ PSI. If you look at the picture in the link you posted you can see a black O-ring in the clear canister at the bottom of the threads of the blue top that seals the two. Sounds like yours is missing or has slipped out of the groove.

I have one of those and it came with a black o-ring.

HAHAH. I actually just had this problem this past weekend. It was leaking like crazy and I couldn’t figure out why. I stopped it, opened and tried to work a seal with silicon tape and that didn’t work either. I finally finished filtering and went to dump my sanitizer bucket and damned if the oring wasnt sitting at the bottom of that bucket.

Yes the O-Ring is the key.

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