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Beer doesn't have much flavor

Hi all, I made my very first batch of beer(carribou slobber). I did 2 weeks primary,2 weeks secondary and it has been in the bottle for 9 days now. I tried one at 7 days,it had great carbonation and a nice foamy head. It taste watered down and not much flavor,there is some but not alot. Did I possibly do something wrong? Will this get better with time? I wanted to have a tasting party but if it is going to taste this way i’m not sure I want to. Anyway had alot of fun brewing and now have a batch of wildflower wheat fermenting.

I presume you’re brewing extract?

It’s possible that you topped off with too much water at the end.

Also, when I was brewing extract, I always thought that the beers tasted watered down too. They had flavor, but the texture of the beer was more water-like than beer-like.

was it properly carbonated. If not, it will seem watery

it would be in your best interest to wait at least 3 weeks before sharing the beer. CS holds true to that and the longer you wait it will drastically improve.

It’s Caribou Slobber - the only way to get character or flavor with that beer is to alter the recipe or maybe ferment around 90F. :wink:

What type of gravity readings did you get?

I have thought about brewing this as a standby for guests that are hop-shy.

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