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Beer Diet

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Those crazy Cincinnatians! Never know what they’ll do next!
50 West has some righteous beers. I was in Cincy a few weeks ago for a wedding and their beer scene has improved significantly in past 5-7 years. Hard to believe a city with the brewing heritage of Cincinnati had become a beer desert a while back…

Yea I grew up an hour south of there in Lexington, KY. Cinci is a beautiful town, nice people but got ultra conservative for a while there. I guess they’re moving back toward the center again.

Over the Rhine, a Cincinnati neighborhood you wanted to avoid when I was in training there 1991-1994, is now home to multiple craft breweries with a complete makeover in progress, “gentrification” if you will. Rheingeist and Taft are two notable breweries that have renovated an old 1880’s bottling facility(Christian Moerlein) and a church respectively.
It’s amusing to watch young mothers with baby carriages strolling through Washington Park without ducking from a hail of gunshots.


I could get on this diet. Not bad. Sort of healty. Water and grain

doppelbock is liquid dark bread

Sounds good. See if my wife will agree. If i say go on this kind of diet

Dated a girl from Cincy from 2001-2003. Over the Rhine was still a rough neighborhood and avoided. I agree. Glad to see it coming back.

He’s not the first. Paulaner’s Salvator was originally brewed by Italian monks in Munich as a “liquid bread” which they lived on during lent since they were required to fast. Quick video history here.

Nothing new here

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