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Beer did not finish to FG

I had posted a few weeks ago about a Yeast Starter that had been sitting in my refrigerator for well over a month. When I got back from vacation I made another Yeast Starter to revitalize the old yeast. Apparently that wasn’t enough to save it because the beer only finished that 1.029 which gave me an ABV of 4.7%. Well below the 7 to 7.2% that I always hit. Last night I pitched some yeast right into the Brew and I am hoping that that will finish it off. Since I am dry hopping for a week I’m hoping that will do the trick. Any thoughts here?


That’s odd if you restarted the yeast and it was going I would think that’s not the problem. 1 month is not that old I’ve pitched older yeast than that. Heck when you buy yeast it’s older than that. Not sure why it stopped that happens probably not done yet the extra yeast could help. I would pitch the yeast at high krausen


I don’t recall what you brewed… All grain, extract…Could you tell us that too? Sneezles61

Yeah, sorry. It is all grain and the gravity was 1.070 which has been very consistent. I’m hoping to give it another week and I think it will be okay but it just has been a little slow.Uploading…

So your yeast was very active? Sneezles61

Not sure. If adding more yeast might work. Might be you did start out. With a super active. Fermenting the first few days. So the yeast did do his thing. And your yeast starter was to small for a1.070 grav beer. What i most the time do. Brew a beer. At for example 1.060. I pitch 1vial yeast starter. For higher grav. I step up my yeast starters. But could be as well. The temp inside your house. To cold or to warm. For that kind of yeast strain

My temperatures are always exact because I use a small freezer for fermenting and then cold crashing so it sits at 70 degrees plus or minus 1.5 degrees. Right now I’m just going to wait for a week and see what happens. The yeast is WLP001

It could’ve been the yeast hadnt had enough nutrient up take before being pitched and pooped out on you… So as it sits… Its got somewhat of a beer cap and CO2… I would try get another starter going ASAP and pitch… Another idea… A thin long utensil you could very cautiously and quietly swirl up the yeast… Sneezles61

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