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Beer Comp, what to expect

I’m thinking about entering my first competition. What should I expect? What is a typical event like?

Thanks in advance for your candid responses


If you’re going to actually attend the competition, it could be anything from just a handful of people sitting at tables methodically judging beers up to a huge festival with booths and all sorts of activities. Otherwise it’s just filling out paperwork, paying, then labeling and shipping off your entries and then waiting for the results to be sent back to you (and maybe posted online).

I wish more competitions would start offering online printable scoresheets. Real time placing would be nice as well.

I would settle for receiving scoresheets in some kind of timely manner. I can only dream of online scoresheets and real time placing.

The CA State Fair competition judging was supposed to wrap up May 20th. The organizer has ignored my email wondering what the status of scoresheets was. But I’ve heard through the grapevine they hadn’t finished judging by the end of June…

I should add that this isn’t the typical experience though. Most of the time, winners are posted online and scoresheets are emailed or snail mailed within a week or two. Good luck!


I’m looking more for judge’s feedback and less on the competition. Anyone have a competition scoresheet example online? I just want to improve my brew!


[quote=“JBurmeister”] I just want to improve my brew![/quote]Totally depends on the quality of the judges, the category, and the beer’s spot in the lineup. I find the most useful comment on a judge’s sheet is the one that points out a flaw that I didn’t know existed, but sometimes there will be a nugget of wisdom in the comments, so I keep reading them. Haven’t seen an online score sheet that I can recall, but comps usually post the results pretty quickly and some do a twitter feed in real time.

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