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Beginner extract brewer(brewed5batches). I am wanting to start playing around with recipes. For instance, I found a recipe I want to make, but want to increase the OG a little, and want to know how to calculate the change in hops to stay true to the taste profile. Does anyone recommend a site or software that provides calculators that will help with this?

Beersmith or promash are good programs.

also is decent for a free calculator

BeerSmith 2 for me.

Another vote here for Beersmith. You can test drive it for free.

Promash seems to have reached the end of its development lifecycle:

+1 for Beersmith. I really find it an amazing development over Beersmith 1. Everything you need. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beersmith is a great program, I’ve been using it for years.

Beersmith 2 is awesome. Don’t be overwhelmed, because it has so many things that you can do with it. Just take your time, read the help and check out their forum for help on using it. Best $20 I’ve ever spent on brewing.

I have BS1 and like it a lot. I almost upgraded to BS2 when it came out, but figured why switch if I’m happy. What are some of the improvements in the second version?

BeerSmith is great, but personally I use SrangeBrew 1.8 which I think is even a little bit better – very robust and customizable while also simpler and easier to use. Love my StrangeBrew.

I use brewmate. Easy and free.

Beersmith 2.0 is great. Once you start customizing it with all of your equipment and really get the hang of it it makes creating recipes really easy and pretty fun.

I’ve been using promash for 8 years. There’s things I like about it and things I don’t. I use it more as a method to help (force) me to keep detailed notes. When it comes to beer, the memory seems to fade a little faster…

Since I wanted brewing software and use a Mac before Beer Smith 2 came out I use Beer Alchemy. I now use Beer Alchemy 2 which works well with the BA 2 apps for the iphone/ipad. Guess it depends on what you get used to but I really like the inventory tracking and the way it pull ingredients from your inventory, adjusting the hop quantities to match the AA of your hops and everything automatically on BA 2.

BeerTools Pro for me.

I think Excel is the easiest and there are plenty of recipes to play with on my website.

Here’s a vote for

I love iBrewMaster on my iPhone but I want something on my PC as well. I got BeerSmith 2 for that reason and the cloud based technology is cool but I’m disappointed in the scheduling/calendar aspect of it. I’ve only had it a short time and I’m horrible about reading manuals so maybe I’m missing something. I know…RTFM…

What are you looking to be different on the schedule/calendar?

What are you looking to be different on the schedule/calendar?[/quote]

I like the program but have had problems with the calendar as well. Mainly deleting things off of it. When you create a recipe it puts it down as brew day. My Beersmith calendar has like 15 brew going for me right now because of recipes I have created. I also have not messed with the calendar much so maybe I just haven’t found the way to do this yet and it is fairly easy…

+1 Great spreadsheet, easy customization. I like Beersmith 2 as well. I use both.