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Beer Bubbling out of Air Lock

My beer is bubbling out of the top of my air lock a little. It’s not running down the side, just have a few bubbles on top of it. Should I remove it and run a straight hose into a glass of water, or is it okay like it is right now? The air lock isn’t full of beer or foam, just bubbling away.

This is what my first beer ever did and I almost had a blow out…I now only use blow off tubes.

Time for a blow off tube. I typically use the tubing used for my auto siphon and bottling wand. Just sanitize it well, and stick it in a bucket of water or something. If you continue to get beer in the airlock, it can clog the top of it. Surprisingly, this can completely stop any C02 from escaping, and can literally blow up a glass fermenter. I’ve seen it happen. What a waste!

You can do this is=f you still have your 3 piece airlock on. see attached photo. All you do is stick 7/16" OD tubing on the inside hard plastic tube as a blow off tube and put the other end in a jar of sanitized water. when your beer has slowed down pop off the tube add the other 2 pieces and sanitized water no need to even remove the stopper or the airlock. this is what i normally do never saw a reason why i can’t have my airlock and blowoff tube in the same thing, it is like having your cake and eating it too.

On those 3 piece air locks, cut the “X” off the bottom of the plastic. It allows better flow of the krausen out the blow off tube.

+1 to the above two posts - exactly what I do for blow off tubes if I ever need them.

That’s funny . I do the same thing with the tube stuck into the air lock.

AHH thanks guys I just started a Simcoe IPA, and needed to do the blow off to save it!

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