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Beer automatically coming out

Hi, i’m new to kegging. I carbonated my beer and set the psi down to 10psi for serving. I bled out the CO2 as instructed and as soon as i connected my “liquid out” line the beer automatic starts coming out, even with the pouring spigot closed. I can’t figure out why this is happening. Any help?


What kind of faucet do you have? Is the bonnet cap screwed down tight?

Its one of those picnic faucets that come by default. And the cap is screwed down tight. I used a wrench.

It doesn’t take a lot of pressure to unseat those picnic taps. You can try shimming or stretching the spring a bit for a bit more seat pressure, maybe that’ll help. I actually sanded a bit off the top of the valve body (the smooth area above the threads where the top screws on) by laying a sheet of sandpaper on a flat surface and using it to sand the rim down about a millimeter or so by swiping the valve body back and forth over the paper. This will compress the spring and produce more seat pressure. It made quite a difference for me. My picnic taps will now reliably handle about 25 psi or so now, whereas before 8-10 psi was about it.

This happened to me a few months ago… I swapped out my spigot with my other keg (which I wasn’t using). Worked fine… Those spigots seem to break easily. I ordered a few spares as they’re pretty cheap.

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