Beer and pretzel carmels

the above recipe was published in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal food section 12/12/12 (Aaron Rodgers Day). It calls for a beer reduction from 4 cups to 2/3 cup. Will this turn into a syrup? It says to boil the beer for 25 minutes. I’m planning on using my coffee stout. thanks.

Couldn’t find the recipe you’re referencing, but I did find this one … index.html

To answer your question, it will be a thin syrup after reducing.

When the recipe says watch carefully they mean it. I tried to make the beer reduction this moring and the beer went from 1.5 cups to a 1/4 cup of burned black sludge in the last 5 minutes. Will redo tonight.

Yeah, I have that problem often as well. It will look like it has a while left, then as soon as you turn your back it turns into some black volcanic marshmallow mess. I actually made a batch last night, but forgot to grab a square before I left the house this morning. I used my milk chocolate stout.