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Beer Advocate magazine folds

I feel like the harbinger of doom, first my AAF thread now this…found out Wednesday that my subscription to Beer Advocate was ending as they are stopping both the print and online versions presumably due to red ink. They are substituting ? Craft Beer and Brewing ? Magazine in its place for the remainder of the subscription. The Brothers Alström, Are still going to maintain their website reportedly.

I always liked the magazine, I’ve been receiving it for around 10 years or so. They went from monthly to quarterly in2017, probably a sign of things to come.

Unfortunately lots of magzines disapear. Due to internet. Still love hold a magazine in my hand. Same as records and cd. Hope they dicide to do a online version.

I enjoy the BYO magazine

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I love the BYO as well but I just had subscription issues arise and told them to pound sand. I’ll find another publisher or just save my money altogether. The knowledge on this forum is all I really need and the DIY projects always seem to amaze me.

What was your issue? They’ve always been top notch with me.

I renewed my subscription in November and it was during the “send to a friend” time as well so I did that. The Rep pretty much told me I paid for his scrip and that’s it, my scrip is expired. My buddy should’ve received 2 mags by now and hasn’t received either. Doesn’t sound like she’s going to help me out much. I’ve been a customer for 7 years and I like the mag but I don’t like folks stealing from me!

Hmmm that’s strange. And I don’t blame you; I don’t like people stealing from me either!

I get BYO from discountmags about 1/2 price the regular subscription price. Never had a problem. Just got the new issue can’t wait to read it

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