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Beer abuse

So far I took my Weis recipe. Mashed the grains then heated the wort slow chilled to 120 deg and adjusted the pH to 4.2 then kept it warm for two days after tossing in some lacto bacterior then I did a short boil. Next I chilled a bit and tossed in some 3711. Now it’s sitting around 80+ in my kettle. Before fermentation is complete I’ll rack to a keg onto some cherries and oak. I’m going to drill a hole in the lid for an airlock so it doesn’t blow up and let it finish. What do you guys think? Toss it now? Or give it a chance?Uploading…

Posted before upload finished.

Sounds very interesting. Don’t toss it until you can confirm it may not be to your liking. Wait until you taste it. What will you call it?

It’s alive. Maybe a beerinstien. It’s not evil just misunderstood, don’t get out the pitchforks yet

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Oh boy… that alternate timeline Mandela effect thing again? I may have spent about a month this year obsessing over that.

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Have a couple beerinstien beers.

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Sounds Great! I agree with @flars , don’t toss it, it could be your finest hour/beer.

@uberculture hmmmm, maybe its Berenstain, …or Berenstein…

A spicy cherry sour. Sounds good to me!

Hey Brew cat, don’t drill a hole in yer keg, just unbolt the gas side! Something they should have done to frankenstien!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sneezles61

I was going to drill the lid. I have a beat up one I replaced

I was going to and silver solder a 1/2" SS stand off to adapt a valve, that way I could do all I wanted in the keg. That was until I’d had enough fermenting in the keg and the extra cleaning just to use… Sneezles61

I got the new lid with o rings for $9 I figure just drill 1/2 for a stopper and airlock. I’m going to put the cherries in a sack so they would be easier to clean. The oak won’t. Be a problem. It’s a secondary so I imagine there won’t be to much crud.

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Yeah, primary really bit. Then you think you blew the yeast out so it could be used as a serving keg…. WRONG… Sneezles61

This is too interesting to let fade away. And the rest of the story is? :+1: or :-1:

The beer came out remarkably well. I just hooked the gas line up to the fitting and keg and dropped the other end in a bucket of starsan for the second fermentation. When I transferred to the serving keg I add a bottle of Pinot noir. It came out champagne like and alot of people liked it alot. I will make it again and add some flaked wheat to the recipe for some more body and maybe 2 bottles of wine.

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