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Beards n Brew

For my Bearded Brewing Brothers, I found a beard oil that is HOP scented. Actually its hops, black pepper, pine and citrus. The hops and black pepper probably the dominant scents coming through. You won’t smell like a drunk. Just a groovin’ cat with a nice smelling beard. Check it out here



I like it.

I actually tried beard oil for the first time ever this year. Wife hates my beard but said it made me less prickly. The beard only comes after our final tradeshow of the year in November until the Steelers lose and the rest of the time it goes down to the goatee. I like it but the lack of kisses means it doesn’t stay around too long. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I still use the oil on the goatee, but that bottle will last me a while. When I run out I’ll keep this in mind just in case.


I’ve had a beard since 72’ finally shaved it last year. The beard is way to popular now.

Man that musta been one long beard! :smile_cat:

I kept it trimmed. Once in awhile I buzzed it but let grow back right away. It was pretty long in my hippie days. For the last ten years or so I kept it at about 1 weeks left. But when I saw Joe Buck and Troy Aikman sporting that style I said it’s gotta go

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Not a beard man me self… I like my face shaved… Although a PITB… My hair on the other hand… I can’t be a hippy as I wasn’t a teen ager in the 60’s. what would you call a long haired teenager in the 70’s? Burn out? :laughing: Sneezles61

I had what I called a beard in my young 20s. A hideous, pitiful thing. No mustache or anything on the front of my chin. Like the Norte Dame Fighting Irish mascot. Shaved it when my infant son grabbed a double fistful and yanked. Holy Fuuuuuu that hurt; second only to a kick in the jewels.

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