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Beard beer? ... od&ir=Food

Crazy stuff.

Haha, only rogue :roll:

I heard this on the radio today. Beards and brewing do seem to go together, so I guess it was only a matter time.

Makes you wonder where else they were considering to harvest yeast from.

Albacore off flavors?

Cultivating yeast from “short & curlys” is weird enough without considering it came from a dude.

John hasn’t shaved in 25 years so there were no “short & curlys” involved.

Im working out a yeast infection ale not sure if i should do a 60 or 90 minute boil yet

I think your choice is a one day or three day treatment.

“Monistout 7” for when you’re itchin’ for a beer.

when you itchin’ for a beer… hahahha

when you itchin’ for a beer… hahahha[/quote]

OMG This is too good to not use!

Thy guy works in a brewery - of course there’s yeast in his beard! Probably some of every strain they use, plus any from bottle-conditioned beers that he’s drunk recently. I would be surprised if this brew got any unusual flavors from this yeast.

That’s what I thought too, but supposedly white labs verified that the yeast was not “Pacman” (rogue’s house yeast). Be interesting to see what the result is. I’m not sure if I’ll try it or not. Even though I know enough about yeast biology to realize its perfectly safe, it still kinda icks me out a little.

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