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Beach Beer

What’s your go to beach beer?

Need to bring it in a metal growler with clear cups. No glass

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Would have to be something in a can or homebrew in a plastic bottle. Glass and the beach do not mix.

This picture shows the color beter


Nice color.

As far as a beach beer, here is where something yellow and fizzy works well.
They were interviewing the head brewer of Boneyard brewing(Oregon)awhile back about what he drinks when at home, and it was pounders of Busch Light. :scream: Now they make some righteous west coast IPAs at Boneyard, but I get it.

A 16 ounce can of an American Light Lager shines here.


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You asked. Insert shrug emoji.

We would drink that stuff after a hot day framing houses but then again we were thirsty and would drink swamp water if it was cold.

Yeah I get it

What I’m actually drinking. And my cat.

Wrong tense. Should be drank

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I’m with you @voodoo_donut. Often people are surprised when they ask me at the brewery what I drink and I tell them light American lager. But when you’re around robust flavorful beer constantly something light and fuzzy fills the bill. :man_shrugging:

Plus I can’t sit and watch sports all weekend while drinking IPAs. I could but the liver and SWMBO would probably up and quit on me. I’ll start with craft beer and then switch.

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Check out my game day alt on the football thread. I can’t drink that stuff anymore. Can’t drink more than 1 or 2 IPA. The plum Weis above is low ABV as well.

Founders All Day, Solid Gold, some other local low ABV stuff. Boat cops don’t take kindly to drinking at the helm.

Just bought a 12’er of MGD.

Actually I drink a lot of Labatt Blue in NY and Yuengling in Florida because Labatt doesn’t make it down that far. I can’t seem to warm up to any light beers and those two are the least offensive american lagers that are readily available. On a warm day they do the trick. Oh and they are cheap so I can save up for some craft beer or grain.

Looks like light beers are about 40 calories higher on average so even if you drink 10 that’s only 400 for the day. There must be something I can skip to make that up.

I’ll go for several cans of Pacifico and/or Modelo Especial.

So nobody brews their own light and refreshing beer. Surely you can

Oh, I definitely do. I just don’t live anywhere near a beach to bring it with me.

Not a beach guy but the SNPA and some All Day IPA would be in my cooler.

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