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Be vewy Afwaid!

I think I jumped the gun on bottling my Farmhouse Biere de Table. I rushed, didn’t take a hydro. reading, and bottled. FIlled an additional pet bottle and withing 36hours it had inflated so full that it rounded the bottom and rolled itself off the self. Any way to recover this batch or am I screwed. PS I did move the two cases downstairs next to the basement drain.

Was that PET bottle a water bottle? Used them a few times to bottle off a quick taster for a friend from the tap and the cheap water bottles are intended to hold any pressure and readily round out the bottom. If that was a soda bottle I’m surprised your bottles haven’t already blown. :shock:

I bottled two batches using the same type plastic bottle. The Belgian Dubbel has not inflated in the least, While the FBDT looks like she’s ready to blow.

Higher ABV beers tend to carb more slowly, at least that has been the case for me.

Any bombs yet? :shock:

  1. ps- those are safety glasses, dog. Handle those suckers as if they will blind and maim you!

The farmhouse is a low ABV beer, like 4%. How long did you primary? What temp did you get it up to? I just put this in a fermenter Sunday and it’s up to 73 now. Gonna keep raising the temp for the first week and expect it to be finished by Friday.

If it was in the 70’s for at least a week, I’m sure you’ll be fine. That is, unless you used too much priming sugar.

What type of bottle did you use?

If you are concerned, you can gently crack open the cap to vent the CO2. Then recap.

No bombs yet, I did a 16 day fermentation and like I sadi I got lazy and didn’t do hydrometer readings like I usually do. I think it’s more a case of getting lazy in the process and not being diligent. i just thought it was kind of funny how that one expanded so dang quickly. I used a water bottle as my test bottle. Both the Begian Dubbel and the Farmhouse have cleared considerably since bottling. I guess it just proves the old saying " if it doesn’t kill you it makes you a better brewer" Da*n that sounds like the front of a new T-shirt. Thanks for the feedback.

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