Bayou Classic pot

I am considering getting a 10 gallon pot. I have an 8 gallon megapot right now but it is treacherous when I boil. I have to be working the gas valve to avois boil overs since I start out close to the top of the pot. I am wondering though, does the fact that the bottom if the Bayou is thin make for a higher risk of scorching? I am doing all grain so I would think that this would not be a problem. Just running past the more experienced folks though.

I have a 44-qt Bayou Classic pot and a 15-gallon Tall Boy. Use the Bayou Classic almost every brew day just because it’s a more convenient size. There’s no question that it’s cheaply made, and I’m waiting for one of the welded handles to fall off, but it’s held up just fine for over 50 batches and I have not had any issues with scorching.

You still can’t walk away from it, though, when you’re approaching hot break.

I started with a bayou classic 9 gallon kettle and now use 2 bayou classic 1064s. Say what you will about the quailty of the kettles they work fine. Maybe they’re ghetto to some but IMHO I make better beer than some of my buds with their fancy (expensive) blichmann kettles. A kettle does not a brewer make.


You know Danny, I get what you are saying. I don’t judge based on the expensiveness of stuff and things. Some of the best BBQ ribs I ever had came from a place in Chicago that was in a neighborhood I probably should not have been in, and from a BBQ shack that was dirty and grungy. So maybe ghetto is what makes for good food and drink.

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Exactly! Couldn’t agree more!

My 20 gallon is a BC. Has some dents but it works fine. Someday I will probably upgrade. Iv never scorched any wort and I use a jet burner.

I can’t speak for the Bayou Classic pots but either way I wouldn’t worry about scorching. I started with a very thin 4 gallon SS Mainstays pot from Walmart and partial extract boils and never had any issues with either gas or electric stoves. I recently upgraded to a 10 gallon kettle from Spike Brewing. When I started looking at my options I thought I would be ok with an 8 gallon kettle like you have. Luckily I wasn’t happy with any of the 8 gallons options. Starting looking at 10 gallons options and settled on Spike Brewing. However I could have even jump up to a 15 gallon to further future proof my purchase. Certainly could save a bunch of money in the long run just buying it once.

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My first brew kettle is the economy NB 8 gallon one. I bought that over 10 years ago! I got creative drilled holes in it added a couple of nipples, sweated them in with silver solder, and it worked great, except…. once I discovered I need a vigorous boil, it wasn’t big enough. With that said, someone will ask how big? Go as big as you can afford, and for a 5 gallon brew I would easily say 10, if not a 15. You need room… Sneezles61

OK, so next question is this. SS or aluminum? I know there are some who object to aluminum, but I am not sure why. I am looking at the 60 quart bayou classic with the basket, which I think would be nice for brew in a bag. That basket would, I think, give a good mechanism for lifting the bag and draining easily? Thoughts?

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I rock a dingy aluminum pot. Stainless cleans up nicely and looks pretty. Aluminum is meant to look dull and awful (the dullness is an oxidation layer that prevents aluminum from getting into the beer). I’m not going to argue with people that just feel more secure using Stainless, but I’m also not worried about my health using aluminum.

SS, but only because aluminum has additional care requirements to maintain the oxide layer. Nothing wrong with aluminum, but it’s just one less thing I have to worry about when I’m cleaning up from brew day.

And if you ever get into sours, I wouldn’t want to boil a wort with a pH of 3.5 or less in an aluminum pot.

I disagree about the oxide layer. As long as you don’t scrub it off its not coming off.

Sure, but I sometimes scrub my pot if I get any dried crud on it from not cleaning it right away. I prefer stainless only because it’s slightly less maintenance, not because it’s “better.”

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here my brewing pot 30 gallon works perfect not real expensive and handel coneected to pot with bolts

Nice setup where can I get a burner like that?

did buy it at a local hardware store on bonaire the dude buys his products in the usa think at lows he did say its a coleman burner setup it has two awesome burnes five gall water boil takes me 45 min to the right water temp