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Bayou Class SS Brewer pots

Just noticed on Bayou Classic’s webpage that they are marketing pot specifically to brewers. The below link is to a 16 gallon pot sells for ~ $330. ... 00-416.htm

A comparatively setup blichmann from NB sells for around $490.

Any experience with these?
Doesn’t the false bottom being set around 3.25" up seem kinda high?

Looks like there is not pickup tube that goes into the false bottom and to the bottom of the kettle like a Sabco keg kettle. So they had to have the FB that high to accommodate the valve.

edit: spell check.

Honestly that false bottom would be a perfect rest for my grain satchel when I biab…

It’s a decent price for what’s probably a decent-quality kettle. If I was buying it, I would call and ask if the lower fitting is threaded on the inside so a pickup tube could be installed.

I believe it is, as they actually sell a SS screen with an npt fitting. I was looking at some of the spike brew kettles, this one just seems sturdier and doesn’t cost as much as a blichmann.

Here’s another option - not from our sponsor’s site, but I bought the bigger model of the same pot and it is extremely heavy-duty.

And NB offers a Polarware for $300:

Either of these is higher quality than the Bayou model.

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