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Bavarian Helles

I started fermentation and got called out of town for a longer than expected stay. It is in primary at 56 F., but I will not be able to accomplish the diacetyl rest. I might not be able to transfer to secondary for lagering for another week. (that would be 3 weeks in primary). Any suggestion to minimize any issues that might be developing. My main question is should I still attempt a diacetyl rest anyway or just transfer to secondary and start the lagering process?



Depends on the yeast. Chances are the yeast won’t require a diacetyl rest. If you taste butter when you transfer, then you could try adding fermenting yeast from a starter to help clear it up.

56F is kind of warm for a lager yeast. I’d think that is your most likely potential problem. A three week primary for a lager is normal, and many folks don’t do a diacetyl rest.

56F is the D-rest range for some guys. I suspect that leaving it on the yeast is your best choice here. Of course sampling it will give you the best idea of what to do.

The yeast is wyeast munich 2308 and the fermentation temp listed in instructions was 56-62. It was the helles kit on nothern brewer.

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