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Bavarian Hefeweizen strange? early ferment

Hi all, 15 gal batch of a standard AG Hefe recipe with some malto dextrin thrown in everything went normally then about 10 min after pitching yeast @ 69 degrees (wyeast 3068) (no starter, smack packs were doin great-ready to pop, and when they do I hold off on the starter) I noticed a little fermentation that lasted for about 10 min. I have never noticed this before and I’ve brewed this recipe many times before. I was thinking contamination but since ferm stopped after 10 min and then restarted after a few hours as it normally does I should be ok. Anyone else come across this before…thanks in advance…cheers!

When you say you saw fermentation, what exactly did you see?

I’m gonna say it’s just some air displacement from the vessel or air leaving the wort until it stabilized.

Reply to dobe12, I noticed a steady amount of bubbling from my 1" submerged blow off tube that lasted for about ten minutes then stopped. Strange to me since I havent seen this yet after brewing many hefe’s, it started about 10 to 15 minutes after pitching. I’m really careful with sanitation and thanks to the beer gods I’ve never had a contamination problem yet, I’m thinking if it was or is contamination it would of kept on bubbling. I have a stainless steel conical fermenter and looking thru the top hatch the wort had about a 1/2"layer of foam on top it didnt appear slimey or smell off. Fermentation is rockin along normally now 14hrs after pitching with a normal lag time. I was just wondering if anyone has seen this before. Thanks.

I’d agree with Dimik. Sounds like it was just some air coming out. An infection wouldn’t happen that fast. At least you wouldn’t see signs of it that fast. And if it did start fermenting within 10 min (which I don’t think is possible even in the most ideal situation) it wouldn’t just stop after 10-15min.

It sound’s like things are moving along nicely now, so RDWHAHB!


Duh! do I feel like an idiot, its a little cold here (I brew in my garage) and I like to ferment my Hefe’s at 72 degrees,since I had trouble with setting up my chiller I wound up with 69 degree wort and started to heat up my fermenterator to 72 degrees.I was fumbling with my dam Ranco controller,I can never remember how to set, it when I noticed the bubbling it must have been the heat addition displacing some air from the fermenter as it heated. Jeeze well live and learn. Cheers and thanks to all who visited.

Many thanks to Dimik who got me thinking on air displacement. Cheers

No problem! Brew on!

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