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Bavarian Hefeweizen fermentation question

Howdy all!

I’m a homebrew noob, as I just brewed and pitched my first batch this past Sunday.

Brief setup:
I’m using a True Brew Bavarian Hefeweizen kit I got for Christmas. A couple cans of malt extract, a couple bags of Liberty hops pellets, etc.

I followed the instructions to the T, with a minor exception. It called for sprinkling the yeast onto the top of the wort when less than 90 degrees (mine was about about 85ish) and wait 10 minutes, then stir in with one or two strokes. I had been reading online that you need to get some good aeration going, so I gave it about 5 or 6 good strong stirs.

My question:
It’s about 30 hours or so since I pitched (and the fermentation bucket is sitting is a mostly dark room at about 65-67 degrees) and the airlock is bubbling about once every 4-5 seconds. Is this OK? I’ve seen some videos where the airlock was bubbling like mad…

Just need a little advice, thanks!

And :cheers: to some hopeful new forum friends!

The bucket lid may not be completely sealed. If you’ve got activity, you’ve got fermentation. I wouldn’t worry too much about the how fast it bubbles. You’ll have delicious beer in a few weeks.


Thanks mvsawyer!

I just noticed you’re in the North Dallas area…I’m in Frisco myself!

The Colony, here. We’re neighbors!

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