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Bavarian Hefeweizen brewing day

Today I am brewing my second attempt at home brewing. The first brew was amazing(extra pale ale). Hopefully the bavarian Hefeweizen will come out equally as well. The instructions on the munich yeast says to dilute yeast with water before adding to the wort, but all the other instructions I have readin homebrewing says to sprinkle yeast on top of the wort. Does it matter, or what set of instructions should I follow? I am quickly becoming a home brewing fan, so I want to do this right!!

I usually pitch dry yeast dry, but have also hydrated it. Why not go ahead and increase your skill? Go ahead and hydrate; it’s supposed to be better.

My first hefe is running low. Definately will do another soon.

Save yourself time… stress and a mess and bypass the airlock and do the blowoff right away. I had crazy fermentation with this kit

Come to think of it, though it wasn’t this kit, my hefe needed a blow off tube also. Must be the yeast.

I was just about to start a thread on this beer when I saw your post. I just got my first taste after a week in the keg carbonating. It is delicious. Those germans sure know how to get flavor out of simple ingredients. I followed the instructions that came with the kit. I used the Liquid yeast.

I also recommend going with the blowoff tube from the start. I used an airlock and this beer almost blew it off during fermentation. Even after I added the blowoff tube it was pushing the foam all the way into the bucket.

Happy Brewing!

Yeah i think your right… i think it is the yeast.

I’m brewing this extract kit tomorrow as my first brew day. Anyone have any suggestions?

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