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Bavarian hefe color question

Made up a batch of NB Bavarian hefe and I have been fermenting for around 2 weeks just tested the gravity and it is coming out at just under 1.01 ish.

Just checking of the color as I expected it to be a lighter color and is still like an amber color. Is this normal. I used the extract kit

Thanks for any help

Normal for extract. The extract has been boiled once before packaging. By boiling it again it darkens more.

Some things to help:
Full boils
Late additions of extract

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Thanks for the reply

As long as it won’t affect the finished product I’m happy just thought I would ask just in case

Had that thought as well in the beginning. Why does my beer turns out darker. With extract. Research has to do with mailard effect. Start adding some lme later into the boil your beer not as dark

I haven’t even been boiling the extract. After the final hop addition I just add it in and check the temp. If it all dissolved and the temp is over 170° it’s done.So far so good but I have not done anything very light in color to test.

You’re not boiling any fermentable? It’s been a long time since I extract brewed but I’m pretty sure you have to have some sugar for hop isomerization.

I had read that hop oil isomerization is optimum in a wort of approximately 1.040. Don’t know if the information is still valid or just something that gets repeated. I’ll have to start looking around for verified information with a more current date.

I’ve been starting with one pound of LME/DME per gallon for the 60 minute boil. Seem to produce a not too dark beer. The remainder goes into the boil kettle at 15 to 20 minutes left.

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Nothing but water and the steeped grain. I have one almost ready to tap so I’ll post how it came out. If I remember correctly the one I tries last winter turned out great,

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