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Bav. Hefe. attenuation

So I brewed the BH with Wyeast 3068 and used starter and oxygenated the wort. Three days of blow-off tube frenzy and then steady bubbling for a week or so. All told the beer sat for 4 weeks. I bottled it today because of time constraints and found the F.G. to be 1.028. The O.G. was 1.05. Any thoughts on why? My basement was between 58 and 60 the entire time and it didn’t dawn on me that it was to cold. Could that be the case?

What’s the worst that could happen with the beer at this point? It tasted really good. Do I have bottle bombs on my hands?

I’d appreciate anyone’s two cents on this. All I can do now is RDWHAHB. :cheers:

I fermented mine between 67 and 71F trying to get more banana essence. It was done in about a week. OG 1.053, FG 1.012. Sorry, can’t help other than give you my data point.

Yes, that may be a little cool for that yeast, but if this was extract, that may also be the issue, as extract tends to be pretty inconsistent in terms of attenuation.

I appreciate the thoughts. This is definitely a lesson learned regarding ferm temps.

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