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Batch sparging?

Hello I am try for the life of me to figure out batch sparging in beersmith mobile see here a picture of what I am talking about See in that image it’s show that I need to (drain my mash tun 4.88gal) of 168f water. Now I understand I think it’s saying to drain 4.88gal from my mash tun but after I drain the 4.88gal what do I do then. See I never batch sparge before so all this is new to me so any help would be appreciate…

Very simple really. Your draining wort not water. 168 is your strike temp. Once you add your grains the temperature will go down 155 or whatever. Now after an hour you drain the wort ( don’t forget the vorlauf) measure what yo collect in the pot. You won’t get the same amount you started with because of grain absorbtion and dead space. Now just add the amount of water to the grain bed you need to get your preboil volume. Stir it up and vorlauf again. You won’t lose anymore volume during the sparge


Here is a great write up @denny did for BYO detailing easy batch sparge.

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