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Batch sparge ph

OK I’m getting conflicting advice on this. Is it necessary to adjust my sparge water if I’m batch sparging?

My water report (wards) is as follows if it makes any difference.

Ca 73
Mg 12
Na 7
K 6
Total Hardness CaCO3 233

Sulfate 5
Cl 4
CO3 <1
HCO3 261
Total Alkalinity CaCO3 214

I realize that at some level I’m just being lazy not wanting to adjust the sparge if I don’t have to but if this is something I can safely eliminate I’d just as soon not mess with adjusting the sparge.

Thanks in advance

I use bru n water and it says for me to use 1/2 tsp of lactic acid in my sparge water to counteract the high ph. I usually heat all my sparge water at once with my acid addition so I can use a portion for my first runnings then the rest for the second so I add the lactic acid only once.

Brunwater tells me the same thing and I generally ignore it without consequence. In general, if your mash pH is OK your batch soarge pH should be OK. The only way to know for sure is to measure it, though.

Thanks guys. I also use Bruunwater and in the water adjustment page it tells me to add the same minerals (along with .53 ml of lactic acid) for the sparge water as the mash water. My question is if the mash has already converted the starches do I need to adjust the water I add for the sparge? I was wondering if the BW spreadsheet was set up with fly sparging in mind.

Thanks again

From my experience / understanding, acidification of the sparge water is an easy insurance policy.

The extraction of tannins happens below 1.010, or above 172 degrees in your mash, as well as with a high pH.

As you sparge, you are draining out pH 5 wort and inserting pH 7 water (Depending on your location. You may have low pH water…)

So, I acidify my sparge water to keep my pH down. Just a little lactic acid does the trick.

Does it work? Maybe. Gordon Strong told me “If you throw a rock in the ocean, does the water level rise? Yes. Noticeably? No.” So, if you’re worried about it, do it. If not, don’t.

It’s peace of mind for me, and it’s cheap.

[quote=“BrewMagician”]The extraction of tannins happens below 1.010, or above 172 degrees in your mash, as well as with a high pH.

FTR, pH is by far the most important issue. The reason 1.010 is often cited is because at that point the grain has usually lost enough buffering power that the pH will start rising. You almost never reach that point in batch sparging.

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