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Batch #96 test

Well I took the lid off my fermenter and this is what i found.
There was a floating island of yeast about 6 inchs across
Weird smell
Weird taste
Weird color
It tested out at 1.025…

pulled out the rubber gasket in the lid …it looks fine
pulled out the rubber gasket for the air lock …it looks fine

I will be giving batch#96 a 2 hour WAKE then dump

Then give the fermenter a 24 hour soak in PBW, with the gaskets out and in the PBW

Starting batch #97 in the morning…bottled spring water

Batch #96 may it R.I.P. Magnum

Could always rack it into a clean carboy and see what happens in a month or so. Got to be hard to dump a batch. Then again, I can’t smell it from here. :slight_smile:

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